Our Company

Founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, Attic Light Films is an independent multimedia and film production company. We have produced award-winning films including features, documentaries, short-films, and have many more projects in development. Our mission is to make great movies, with compelling storytelling & stunning visuals.


Our offices are in the historic Taft Building in Hollywood, where we hope to follow in the footsteps of the great filmmakers of yore who also had offices there like Charlie Chaplin and Will Rogers. Our 2013 slate included The Lifeguard, written and directed by Liz Garcia, which world premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in the US Feature Competition.

Our current projects  includes Chris Dowling’s Where Hope Grows, about a baseball player whose professional career was cut short due to his personal problems is suddenly awakened and invigorated by a young-man with Down syndrome, Katie Cokinos’ I Dream Too Much, starring 3 time Oscar nominee Diane Ladd and newcomer Eden Brolin, and a new feature documentary Against The Wall about the history of one of NASCAR’s first racetracks – Darlington Raceway.  We are also producing several web series, including Matt Siegan’s comedy Stripper Cop.


Rock Slyde 2009
Can You Watch This (short) 2011
How to Kill Your Clone (short) 2011
Alter Egos 2012
The Lifeguard 2013
The Wound (short) 2013
Where Hope Grows 2015
I Dream Too Much 2015


edbioEdward C. McWilliams II (Writer / Producer) IMDb

E.C. knew he was meant to be a writer when he wrote a 9th grade final essay paper in iambic pentameter. This effort garnered him a failing grade, but the bug was caught. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his efforts began paying off as he published short stories and poetry in University periodicals, and was a founding member of the UNC literary journal, Parallax. He graduated with highest honors in English and Creative Writing.

He moved to Hollywood and landed his first job as an assistant at Madonna’s Film Company, Maverick Films. There he learned the valuable skills of copying and binding screenplays with incredible speed and precision. Also, he experienced filmmaking from the studio side. He rose through the ranks to land at the management/production company, Content House, as a Creative Executive in charge of developing ideas, screenplays, and writing treatments. There he was lucky enough to work with Oscar nominated screenwriters (Al Reinert, Tab Murphy) and participate in deals with some of Hollywood’s largest players.

E.C. has numerous scripts in development with Attic Light. He sold his epic adventure, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, and has optioned others. He is currently working with renowned manager Joel Gotler at the Intellectual Property Group on the adaptation of a mobster novel by LA Times award winning writer, James Carlos Blake.

He has striven to round out his filmmaking knowledge by taking acting and writing classes from UCLA. He speaks fluent Spanish and has traveled to over 40 countries. When not working or traveling he enjoys holding screenings at his house in Hollywood with his filmmaker friends, as well as a notoriously rowdy BBQ every summer to introduce Californians to some Texas flavor.

Milan BioMilan Kumar Chakraborty, CPA (Producer / Line Producer / Production Accountant) IMDb

A chess champion growing up in Terre Haute, Indiana, Milan studied strategy at an early age. He continues to employ these skills to navigate the challenging geography of Hollywood and indie filmmaking. As Head of Production, Milan brings extensive Production Accounting and Line Production experience to the Attic Light Films team.

Milan is a veteran CPA and, after years at Arthur Andersen, LLC, he followed his lifelong love of film into the entertainment world at Time Warner Inc. As production auditor on Warner Bros and New Line Cinema productions, his credits include both feature films and television: SUPERMAN RETURNS, V FOR VENDETTA, ONE TREE HILL, BATMAN BEGINS, DUKES OF HAZZARD.  Milan then dove headfirst into the filmmaking side as a producer on Chris Dowling’s cult classic ROCK SLYDE.

Milan’s corporate background along with his accountant and audit experience led to the development of the Value-Based filmmaking model that Attic Light Films uses in creating quality independent films at a budget level that is favorable to investors’ chances of attaining a return on investment.

Milan returns religiously (11 years in a row!) for homecoming at his alma mater, The College of William and Mary, where he graduated with a Business Administration in Accounting degree. He has been a guest lecturer at the USC film school, Loyola Marymount film school, New York Entrepreneur Week, and William and Mary where he is also on the board of the Arts and Entertainment Alumni Council.

His family is originally from India, where their business was setting up tents for local entertainment and weddings. As a film producer, Milan continues his family tradition, producing entertainment for a larger audience. Speaking of weddings, Milan, a Hindu priest, has officiated four, and welcomes all requests.

jack_bioJack McWilliams
(Director / Editor) IMDb

Jack gravitated towards the camera precociously when he became the youngest photographer to be featured in the internationally acclaimed FotoFest. He continued on the path to being a director by shooting short films, interviews, and avant-garde fair on a myriad of mediums such as the Super 8, the Hasselblad, 16 millimeter, and the retro, Eastern Bloc “Lomo.”

After graduating from St. John’s School in Houston, Texas, a school immortalized as RUSHMORE by previous alumni Wes Anderson, Jack moved to the bohemian paradise of Austin to attend the University of Texas and, in particular, the RTF program (Radio, Television, Film). He continued to foster the filmmaking community as a founding member of Paradigm at SJS and as a member of the leadership team at UT film club, UFA (University Filmmakers Alliance). In college his documentary on Nokoa the Observer, an independent Austin weekly struggling to survive, appeared on PBS. His short, DOS BLOKES, won a 48 hour competition (selected by Robert Rodriguez) and premiered at SXSW.

A software whiz kid, it’s rumored Jack built a Nintendo out of parts of a boat engine at age seven. He is an experienced editor and colorist, working on everything from the flatbed film editor Steenbeck to cutting edge software such as Final Cut and Avid. He has an editing studio set up in ALF’s Hollywood office and spends much time there with his Mac, his Drobo, and the terabytes of data the McWilliams brothers have shot.

When not behind a camera, he can be found commandeering the kitchen.  His hobby is molecular gastronomy, and with his trusty Sous-vide and rare and curious ingredients such agar agar (“it’s so nice they must say it twice” – Jack) and that sweet transformer, diastatic malted powder.

His favorite directors are Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, and John Huston.